Meet Sara K

What I wore to The Urban Muslim Woman Show 2014

Meet Sara K

Sid and me decided to create kaftans to The Urban Muslim Woman Show 2014 event. We wanted to go for the Middle-Eastern look seen because that's where Islamic fashion originated from millions of years ago.

We both had different width kaftans; Sid’s was shorter as she wanted the boarder edge around the fabric. Also it was pure silk red with peach patterns - originally a dupatta taken from a classic outfit we have kept for years. We brought the suit from my childhood friend’s fabric shop. Sid loved the dupatta so much she turned it into a kaftan. A very traditional Asian fabric turned middle-eastern. 

My brown and turquoise kaftan had more of a symmetrical pattern which was in the middle and brown on the sides. l brought the satin fabric from a local fabric shop. It was love at first sight when l saw it draping from the fabric roll trying to entice me closer. Sid wasn’t too sure but l liked the pattern, firstly l made a dress out of the fabric and the brown wasn’t anywhere to be seen as l was too skinny to have some of that brown fabric. Then Sid gave me the idea of turning into a kaftan, l got both colours and pattern with the plain material. 

For me styling and the complete look is too important for example, when l wore my kaftan l knew something was missing, so l added a Egyptian turquoise necklace to top it all off which l brought from a vintage shop in Portobello Road. l kept everything brown including the bag with gold detailing (matching with necklace), dark brown leggings and suede brown shoes to complete my look.

Why not make your own middle-eastern inspired kaftans for Eid.

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