RunwayMeet Sara K

The white SS14 IFW trend by Armaan Aiman

RunwayMeet Sara K

A few months ago Lakme Fashion Week took place in India and where better to look for fashion inspiration we can bring to the British Asian fashion scene and wear here in Britain.

As mentioned in my previous blogs such as, Pakistan Fashion Week in Karachi one fashion trend you can't miss is all white trending. Many Asian fashion designers are creating wonderful chic clothing using textured white fabrics; they use variations of crochet, net and lightly embroidered pieces.

H&M White trousers

As seen in Armaan Aiman’s Summer collection you can try a maxi dress, maybe a shirt with collars or even a mid length dress. You can always wear white summery trousers if you don’t want your legs on display, H&M have some get simple options for summer. I found some trousers perfect for spring and summer for only £24.99, classic navy and off white colours.

Plus if your anything like me and have to have sleeves add white chiffon sleeves to your outfit. It’s not hard at all, you can pop into Southall market malls were they make and add sleeves if you supply them with the fabric for only £8, please bare in mind prices may vary.

Armaan Aiman’s collection is a Spring/Summer must, l love the chic flawless, subtle yet enchanting look. My top tip would be to mix plain white or cream chiffon fabrics with textured colour matching pieces.

High street fashion H&M

I went to H&M on my lunch break and look what l found;

A pale pink/nudish maxi skirt and a crochet style fabric jacket. I couldn’t resist but get a glimpse of the gold jewellery next to the skirt. Well it gives you an idea of which colour jewellery matches best gold or silver?

You can all look beautifully chic in white and natural colours this Summer so give it ago and feel free to share your looks with me.

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