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The DKNY Ramadan summer collection

TrendsMeet Sara K
The DKNY Ramadan Collection

As a fashion blogger l keep my eyes and ears open for the latest fashion trends, new collections and looks l know my blog readers will be interested in.

l can’t take credit for  finding the DKNY Ramadan collection however, my best friend whats app’d a link this morning on my way to work and couldn’t believe what l saw #DKNYRamadan. Yes, DKNY are selling a Ramadan special fashion collection. If you have not seen it or come across the photos here is a blog that will deliver the latest fashion news that l know you will want to know more. 

Only in the last 24 hours there’s been a growing buzz and even British publications are talking about it, it’s talk of the town. And perfect timing with the latest France burqa news.

The DKNY Ramadan Collection

From doing some research the DKNY Ramadan collection is only available in the middle-east. I’m sure most of you will agree when l say it’s the perfect inspiration and ideas for modest fashion from a western fashion label but we want to see it in the UK.

When most of us think of western designer fashion label we think of revealing fashion we would never even think of trying let alone purchasing, whereas DKNY have created a modest fashion collection inspired by the middle-east. 

What makes this campaign and collection even more exciting is that we hardly see practical, casual and everyday fashion made by western brands just for a specific ethnic market. In addition, the labels definitely don’t promote them in a fabulous photo shoot and marketing campaign. All they need is two ladies and a simple background because the clothes, different looks and styling do the talking in the DKNY Ramadan campaign. And there’s something for everyone or in my case all different moods and looks from elegant, casual, chilling, biker girl, party to rock chic. As l always say, less is more and DKNY definitely show us how to wear modest fashion and look stunning.

I just can’t help but admire how DKNY combined middle-eastern and western fashion trends to create agile clothing you can wear any season. The collection includes maxi dresses, long skirts, long blouses, jackets and jump suits.

This is what l mean when l say fusion fashion, mix of two different cultures or religious and fashion techniques combined to serve 2 different audiences. 

The DKNY Ramadan Collection

I’m a big fan of DKNY watches - l actually have a growing collection but now l have an even bigger reason to love the brand. The bags and casual collection in the shops are always a collection to watch. So, ladies don’t despair - DKNY have broken a barrier in Islamic fashion and you have no excuses to look good.

Michael Kors move out the way, there’s a new Asian loved brand in town.

Thanks for sharing DKNY. Let’s hope you have more Ramadan collection in future and starts coming overseas to the UK.

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