The Best Dressed Beauties at Met Gala

I’ve done a few red carpet fashion blogs and they seem to go down well and l thought why not feed your appetites once more. Whereas this time it’s a fashion blogging must because l could see some eastern Asian inspired pieces to share with all you fashion lovers!

I’m sure you have seen serval celebs snapped in extravagant dresses. If not, you don’t need to worry help is at hand. l’m always here to share the latest fashion goings on and fill the fashion gaps (l’m like a living, breathing fashion unibond).

Best Dressed Celebs at Met Gala

From looking at the photos l’m hoping you would agree with me when l say the celebrities looked sizzling hot pictured at the Met Gala last night! Even when they were pulling funny faces being silly and posing strangely they looked more gorgeous. Well, I do love a bit of humour as it's nice to see people’s personality come out and see a different side to them expressed through their love of fashion.

For all you readers who don’t know what the Met Gala (aka Met Ball) is all about; it’s an annual fundraising event for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. It’s widely regarded as one of the most exclusive social events in New York and one of the biggest fundraising nights of the city. Basically, fashion oscars where the celebrities come out to play and raise money for charity.

This year was a beauty celeb fiesta! It was like being at your high school prom, checking out each other’s ensembles, subconsciously analysing who looks good and who doesn’t…. Well, l’ll let you be the judge so here are some of my best-dressed celebs of the night;

Jessica Alba was in a netted draped trailing dress similar to a western bridal garment but in a love gold. She looked ravishing in her late 1940’s and early 50’s look, a nice change from urban look we are used to from Jessica Alba.

These next two ladies always look dazzling on the red carpet, Rihanna and Beyonce and once again they didn’t let us down. Rihanna was wearing a white Stella McCartney crop top with a diamante neck detailing, shoulder pads and trailing skirt. You may think l’m strange but her outfit reminded me of a cross between an Asian sari and lengha. It just needed a long dupatta to drape over and bobs your uncle (or Sanjeev, which ever way you look at it) :D Beyonce was rocking a long black trailing chiffon dress with a darker plum style layer on dressage of the top and a plunging v neck. It’s funny how Beyonce wears revealing dresses yet the garment always finds ways of covering most of her body and making it look elegant.

Best Dressed Celebs at Met Gala

Karolina Kurkova looked like a graceful swan dressed in a floral illustrated layered prom style dress. I particularly loved the chalk floral print on the focal point of the beautiful dress. It fitted her like a glove and you could just tell the dress was made for Karolina Kurkova as complimented her elongated body shape wonderfully.

Now as some of you may know l don’t normally have a favourite however, on this occasion Charlize Theron pipped the ladies to win Best Dressed at the Met Gala for me. She has to be my favourite of the night due to the theme, black & white theme and looks very 40’s - 50’s from head to toe. To paired her dress with a short cape/jacket to go over her shoulders. She’s accessorised with a sparkly bangle, large earrings and clutch to compliment her look nicely! Us Asians are always trying to accessorise our outfits but it never looks as we imagined. Well, this is how we should be accessorising Charlize Theron shows us the minimalist look with subtle diamante or pearl touches gives us the spectacular look!

My favourite couple undoubtedly had to be Victoria & David Beckham in matching his and hers outfits. Victoria always looks dashing; she always knows which outfits suit her body shape and pulls off every outfit. David well, what can l say when l was younger  l was never a fan but l can’t lie Mr Beckham is a handsome man and dresses immaculately! If we could find an Asian David Beckham we would all be laughing ;) Mr & Mrs Beckham made me proud to be British.

I always like to throw in something different l’ve seen and love the look or theme. l don’t think many Asians would appreciate this next look; Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore a seemingly Roman inspired Balmain autumn/winter 2014 dress, which teamed leather paneling with golden studs and leopard print. The uniqueness and western style detailing of the garment won me over, when you see it you know it’s a designer piece! The strappy heels are just the sherry on top! Love it or hate it she looks like the queen of all bees ;)

The British global fashion designer, daughter of Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney teamed up her celebrity ladies (photo 7, left to right) Cara Delevingne, Kate Bosworth (peach dress) and Reese Witherspoon (pink dress). Kate and Reese were looking very simple yet the cut and colour of their dresses suited them! Cara Delevingne and Stella McCartney (Stella last photo, 2nd from left) wore contrasting black and white/cream combinations which l couldn’t help but be drawn to in all the photos. I loved Stella’s vertical panelling – Now that really reminds me of a sari! I love it!

I love it all!!! The celebrities in the west really did have some Asian themed dresses in there! Its inspirational and exciting – perfect for Eid, Diwali, Christmas, prom or any extravagant special occasion :)

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