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The gold jewellery rush at London Mela 2014

CollectionsMeet Sara K

It was another year of the London Mela and l went with Sid to see if we could find any hidden gems in the UK Asian Mela world.

As l wondered round l could only see the more traditional Asian party wear from sarees, lenghas to anarkalis. The type you normally find the fashion in most Asian fashion high streets such as, Southall and Green Street.

I felt dishearten as the London Mela had nothing different to offer or even decent fashion stalls. It didn’t reflect a new age of Asian fashion at all but emphasised we were living in the dark ages of Asian fashion. And most of the ladies who attended weren’t wearing what the stalls were selling anyway so why can’t fashion brands see - there’s missing something.

Also compared other shows and festivals l attended they all stepped it up a gear. I nearly gave up and walked off to enjoy myself at the BBC Asian Network tent until l stumbled amongst a gem.

Niyta caught my eye as the stall was spacious, presented professionally, nice and clean and jewellery did all the talking. The pieces attracted me as they were subtle yet had a more modern look and feel.

I examined further and straight away l had a pendant, earring set and 2 rings in my hand. The pieces weren’t too heavy and l could wear with my eastern and western outfits. They felt like quality pieces l could keep in my jewellery box for years to come.

The lady behind Nitya advised me it was gold plated and instantly l started look at the rings and other jewellery collections. It’s rare to find gold plated casual items. I normally come across high street jewellery where the colour rubs off after 3/4 wears. Then Asian gold is expensive but mainly they don’t have any jewellery you can wear with you’re Asian and western clothing.

l was supraised to find every day gold plated jewellery from £30 to £75 - obviously wedding and party will be higher but personally it was still reasonable from what l remember. 

I had been searching a very long time for a fashion outlet that sell a mix of western and eastern inspired jewellery, timeless gold sets and on trend accessories. I think l’ve finally l found that India fashion week elegance l have been searching for! I think l’m in love :D

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