21st Century Semi-Formal Indian Fashion with Farah Sanjana

Farah Sanjana Spring/Summer 15 Collection

Farah Sanjana Spring/Summer 15 Collection

Let's get some fashion inspiration for summer ladies! I spotted this next designer at Lakme Fashion Week and the collection genuinely excited me. 

Farah Sanjana shows us it doesn't take much to look stunning. The Lakme Fashion Week designer uses one colour as a base and build on the base with a beautiful sword/cross style pattern being the main focus point of the garment. 

What l particularly loved was the simplistic fabric patterns combined with fabulous cuts and magic of what l call fabric placement. Fabric placement is the secret when creating runway-worthy garments. Yes, the fabric print has to be placed perfectly where you would want it to appear when wearing the garment. In Farah Sanjana's case, the golden sword/cross style patterns are the centre of skirts or on each side of the shoulder of a the chiffon cape. 

Farah Sanjana even works around the sword pattern but tries something different and combines speedy locks of blue to the saree borders (below). Even though you would expect the overall saree look too busy it just work. The sword prints are spaced out enough allowing the designer to add patterned prints on the blouse and border instantly creating a modern yet vibrant Indian collection. 

For a dinner party or the extra spark don't over do it but you can just top with gold double cuff bracelet.  

You have to love all the variations of the fabric made into modern eastern and western inspired garments - from lengha dress, cape dupatta to crop top blouse and cape trouser suits l just love it all!

If you're like me and can't get enough of this type of modern South Asian fashion then tune in all week to the blog as l will be sharing the latest everyday fashion trends from India fashion week. And when l say everyday l mean fashion you can wear to work, dinner parties, out when seeing friends, family or just lounging at home. 

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