Secrets of the best dressed at Golden Globes 2014

Secrets of the best dressed at Golden Globes 2014
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We always see the celebrities on TV and magazines look gorgeous and no they don't wake up like that but lot of fashion prep and styling takes place with the fashion experts. They aren't the only one's that can look great but you can too. So let's take a look at the secrets of the best dressed celebrities at the Golden Globes 2014. 

10, Caitlin FitzGerald - We love the simplicity of FitzGerald’s frock. The shorter length at the front and longer at the back frock give it that party frock effect.

The secret of this garment is the fabric; textured thick and heavy fabric.The shoes are a crucial piece to complete the outfit. 

9, Taylor Swift - Swift really pulls of the fitted satin dress, her complete look - red lips and Manroe hair creates that classic WOW effect. The block colours are the secret of Taylor Swifts outfit.

8, Emma Watson - It just goes to shows red gowns with slits can still make a big impact. The secret is very simple, less is more. 

Golden globes 2014 fashion

7, Taissa Farmiga - We love the chic piece. The secret of Farmiga’s garment is lots of lace frills and a waist line belt.

6, Sofa Vergara - The beautiful gown compliments Vergara’s figure. The secret of Vergara’s outfit if accessorising - big, chunky and diamanté necklace. 

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5, Helen Mirran - I love how Helen Mirran highlights no matter what age you are. If you wear garments to suit your body you can still look great. The secret to Mirran's look is heavy embroidered beaded fabrics. 

4, Zooey Deschanel - We love the composition of Deschanel’s Global gown. The secret here is diamanté organza with a beaded or diamanté crop-top.

golden globes red carpet fashion

3, Lizzy Caplan - We love this futuristic dress. Its innovative and combines fabric and other elements to create fabulous fashion. The secret is contrasting patterned neck, sleeves and sides of dress. 

best dressed at golden globes 2014

2, Cate Blanchett - The dress does all the talking in Blanchett’s case. The secret of Blacnchet’s garment is thin lace which is commonly found on lingerie but sewn to black organza. 

1, Kaley Cuoco - My no.1 of the golden Globes has to be Kayley Cuoco. The contracting musty colours combined with the floral patterns is a show stopping outfit. The secret of our no.1 is patterned silk fabric - you just need to find spring or summer chiffons.

Why not try and create a casual pieces from the secrets mentioned above or be different at a special occasion or party this year. 

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