Meet Sara K

Sara K’s Italian inspired fashion creations

Meet Sara K

I decided to put my British Asian fashion vision to some use and create some Italian inspired fashion with an Asian touch for my trip to Milan.

The clothes speak for themselves and only minimal make-up was needed - now that’s fashion!

When you feel you need to cake on the make-up, you know your doing something wrong with the fashion. For example, top 10 world’s fashion bloggers focus more on natural make-up and it’s all about the fashion. With the world’s renowned fashion bloggers Sussie Bubble, Rumi Neely, and Kavita - everything is very natural similar to the looks and make-up you would find on the western runways. Most would agree their fashion speaks volumes.

I wanted to look at a different side to fashion - cultural fusions. Yes, east meets west so l decided to mix Italian and South Asian fashion to come up with some gems l could wear in Britain with a modern South Asian spice.  

So l didn’t hang around, for my first look (image 1) l decided to create a long dress from the beautiful Italian chain fabric l hunted down. I merely added a matching pashmina dupatta to give it that eastern flavour, plus it was chilli in Milan.  This look reminded me of a photo l had seen of my Dad in Asia and Saudi Arabia - his large manly scarf aka jathar draped across his shoulder ;) 

The second look (image 2) was a navy and pinky floral symmetrical silk number which l paired with pale pink trousers and nudey shoes. Luckily, l borrowed my sisters holiday bag which surprisingly matched my dress.  

My two additional ensembles where patterned again - apologies the photos aren’t clear and after the first two days we were tired of taking photos. The dress in image 3 was an Asian inspired long jacket dress with off-white blouse and trousers. l will just have to wear the dresses again so watch out on social media and l will blog about them soon. 

Top tips - Your style should by unique, simplicity is key yet your fashion should stand out. Why not try different designs, patterned fabrics and colours. Just remember less is more and… 'The fashion should speak for itself.' 

It may not be as easy as it seems, so play around and try different looks and themes. Just think of your favourite designers e.g. Chanel or an South Asian designer - be inspired and try to create your ideal style. 

Please feel free to share your very own creations with me! You can always drop me an email or message via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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