South Asian Luxury at Faisana Fashion Weekend

This British Asian fashion blog is here for all your every day Asian fashion needs and to make sure I’m giving my readers the best l try to attend all the interesting Asian fashion shows, exhibitions and events. And this weekend l was in the beautiful Mayfair to check out some of the world’s best Indian & Pakistani fashion designers at Faisana Fashion Weekend

When l heard some of India’s and Pakistan’s best designers were in London for Faisana Fashion Weekend, l felt it was my duty to attend for my fashionistas. It's rare to have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the designers and find out about casual fashion trends. Plus l couldn't let down the opportunity to see their masterpieces face-to-face. 

I was looking forward to meeting this next amazing designer at Faisana Fashion Week. She’s featured her wonderful collections in Pakistan Fashion Week. Nida Azwer (below) had a mixture of her white Karachi Fashion Week collection, Urban Jungle and Kothari Parade collection.

 Nida Azwer's collection & Nida in image 3

 Nida Azwer's collection & Nida in image 3

I loved seeing Nida Azwer’s versatile designs, every collection varied from netting, embroidery, embossing to classic yet stunning partywear all the way through to her effortless bridal inspired designs.

l honestly couldn’t choose one as my favourite because each collection had something special and unique l admired about all the garments. For instance, the white collection blew me away with the fine beautiful lace embossing and summer screen detailing. On the other hand her other collection Nida Azwer showed me one of her favourite pieces, which she hand embroidered to be worn as a statement piece it combined diamanté collar detail and exquisite hand embroidered ethnic illustrations. A dazzling piece and l was mesmerised by her work as she spoke all l could think was this is definitely the best of Pakistani fashion why do we not see much of it in British Asian fashion boutiques. 

It was wonderful to speak to Nida Azwer, l was intrigued to know what inspired her when she was designing the collections. She told me the white embossed and summer screen pieces were inspired by Lahore Muslim architecture. Initially l thought, well l need to Google that ;) She was truly wonderful, humble and understanding to my level of Pakistani history. She moved on to tell me more about the extravagant gold and netted party pieces were inspired by Kothari Parade (1922) where in Pakistan individuals from Karachi would show-off their wealth by the extravagant garments they would wear to the parade. She encouraged me to look into the history it as l would be fascinated myself, lovely young lady to speak to.

Nida Azwer’s an extraordinary designer, down to earth and it was great to meet her. I look forward to blogging about her future collections. 

I was presently surprised to instantly fall in love Sania Maskatiya’s collection who showcased their outfits in PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week not so long ago. 

Sania Maskatiya’s brother was presently the enchanting and innovative 21st century Asian fashion collection on behalf of his sister, Sania Maskatiya. l must say he knew all the in’s and out’s of the collection and told me it took more time on the digital printing and craftsmanship rather than the tailoring or designing of the fashion pieces.

Sania Maskatiya collection

Sania Maskatiya collection

Sania Maskatiya's collection were must see at the exhibition; they had a wide range of casual wear from jackets, peplum, geo patterned dressed and outwear to silk jacket suits. Every design was different and every piece had a fascinating story behind it which Sania Maskatiya's brother enlighten us on the topic. We were interested to know more as some garments had female images printed on them, others had a mix of bright colours and clashing patterns. 

The digital printing excited me the most as it was lovely to see how Pakistani fashion scene was using digital printing and see the different methods Asian designers are utilising. 

Sania Maskatiya’s pieces could easily be worn in the British Spring/Summer weather. I can imagine most Asian’s in the UK would love some of this designers outfits. With most suits being £125, yes for a full outfit the price was not bad at all! 

Sania Maskatiya brings together iconic Pakistani fashion and everyday Asian fashion to another level and its the new generation of Pakistani fashion at its best! I suspect this fashion designer is one to watch and l won’t be supraised if her collections start coming to Britain.

Sania Maskatiya & Nida Azwer's collection

Sania Maskatiya & Nida Azwer's collection

Umar Sayeed’s collection consisted of heavy, colourful and stunning party wear. The Pakistani designer’s party wear was dazzling; l was there for the every day fashion but l was distracted by Umar Sayeed’s party colourful pieces. The detailing in the bead, sequine and diamante work over powered the dress to create show stopping pieces. They were so heavy it was like picking up a sack of chappati flour aka aitta. The attention to detail was breath taking! Just made me think how long and how may people it look to create one piece?

Apart from the heavy party wear Umar Sayeed also featured ready to wear collections which included silk blouses, embroidered bead work tops (photo 1 and 2). It was nice to see clothes that weren’t typical Asian garments, they were bright or flamboyant but kameezs l’d wear in Autumn or Winter. 

Umar Sayeed's collection

Umar Sayeed's collection

My favourite collection had to be Umar Sayeed’s best seller - the angelic baby pink net embossed pattern on jersey fabric (Photo 3 & 4) for £225. The back was net embossed too with pearl and bead work on the edges. Umar Sayeed told me how he was inspired by the birds of paradise theme and wanted to encapsulate it in a unique jersey style kameez. And he’s done a fabulous job! 

I couldn’t believe l was finally stranding in front of this next designers superb collection of party wear and bridal pieces. Anita Dongre was one of my first Asian fashion blogs - l love her timeless collections which combine traditional and modern Asian fashion. 

Anita Dongre's collection

Anita Dongre's collection

My favourite had to be the white silk, chiffon embroidered dress (photo 1) and after having a closer look and feel l could see why it was a favourite. The top part was organza style fabric and net whilst the bottom half was perfectly embroidered and would make any women look stunning at any social event. 

When looking closer at her collection if reminded me of traditional Indian fashion but designed and created with a more modern finish to it. For example, the traditional lenghas are classic Indian pieces worn at parties or wedding events but the finish and delicate yet spectacular hand crafted detailing gives in that grand, bewitching and enchanting look once worn. 

As she spoke to me and told me more about her collection l couldn’t help but feel privileged to finally have the chance to meet the mastermind behind one of the most successful and popular fashion designers of India. 

Overall the event was a fantastic as it showcased some of the best Indian and Pakistani fashion all under one roof in Central London. After the fashion show, you were able to see the fashion garments straight off the catwalk. In addition, not many events allow you the privilege of speaking to the well-known Asian fashion designers behind the collections.

The hosts of the event Aamna & Aisha were warm and welcoming. When speaking to them, l admired the fact they made a conscious effort to promote everyday casual Asian fashion. FFW shared their thoughts about catering for an Asian market that isn’t looking for bridal fashion. They were right ‘we only get married once, what about the rest of the year?’. Thus they created FFW which will take place every year featuring new Indian & Pakistani designer collections and upcoming Asian talent.

I loved glaring at the stunning ready to wear garments and feeling inspired. Finally, Pakistani and Indian designer collections and l don’t have to go India or Pakistan. 

If you missed out don’t worry there is always next year.

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