Meet Sara K

Runway Make-Up Trends for British Asians

Meet Sara K

When it comes to fashion week most of us like to stay in the loop of the latest trends and that includes make-up trends ;) By no means is this a make-up blog but more of a casual fashion British Asian blog that likes to dabble into the complete look. Plus if you love fashion, your bound to love fashion. 

A few days ago l wrote a blog on Roberto Cavalli’s unique yet exquisite Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. When l was flicking through the fashion week photos l found myself thinking, why don’t British Asians take ideas from Fashion Week and tell us how to do every day make up but specifically for British Asians? Surely, we’re missing something here. We don’t even promote every day fashion thinking heavy make up suits all occasions. However, considering the clothes we wear most of the time, it’s madness to overlook every day make-up looks! It’s time to hold back on the heavy bridal make-up and take a look at make up we can wear most of the time.

roberto cavalli runway make-up

It’s increasingly hard to find fashion week make-up most of us British Asians can get away with. If we don’t get it right, we can look like panda bear eye’d lipstick plums. However, we need every day make-up looks to rock out when we’re going out. So I looked at the 3 trends from Fashion Week’s and added some tips to help all us British Asians;

  1. Roberto Cavalli does the smokey eyes trend but keeps the dark eye shadow very light. Being Asian to pull off this look off, eye liner is key and try smudging. Don’t pencil the liner in too dark and add coral blusher to the cheekbones lightly. Plus add coral lip stick.
  2. Metallic was another trend designers such as, Donna Karen and Emporio Armani The shade of the metallic is important for Asian skin tones. Buy a metallic crayon liner and use as eye shadow. Don’t over do it as it could go completely wrong and look terrible. Pick a colour that suits you for example, you want it to match your Eid clothes but if it doesn’t suit you look for a different shade similar to your anarakli dress.
  3. I am in ore with Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Valentino’s fashion week make up - flawless glow. The make up is very natural but elements of a natural glow in particular areas of the face. 

Other looks included no make up selfie trending – bare minimum. Look after your eyebrows, trim, pluck but don’t over pluck and don’t be afraid to keep them natural as possible without looking like a cave woman who’s just woken up like me ;)

Remember some of these looks won’t suit some skin tones, play around with it and see what suits South Asian skin tones and more importantly your face. I normally ask Sid to see what she thinks, Mum doesn’t help she says ‘yes, looks great’ to everything :D

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