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My top 5 eBay fashion buys

TrendsMeet Sara K

Most of my friends and family know by now, l love eBay. Not just for selling but buying! Many of my friends don’t like using eBay because they seem to have this perception of eBay being unreliable brand, untrustworthy sellers and most items are used. They literally think eBay is ‘a online marketplace’ - similar to Wembley market and Bovingdon market online.

eBay must buys

For people who frequently use it, they will know you can find some wonderful treasures on eBay. If you know how to use it, clever with your purchases you are able to utilise eBay for it wonderful gems. For example, I filter for only new items so l’m not even looking at used items and only look at sellers with good ratings and feedback.

I love it because you can find fashion that isn’t in the shops any more. Or sold out on online retails websites. Now you can even find Asian kameezs and new Gul Ahmed garments which sellers want to get rid of for new stock.

What l love the most about eBay is the ability to buy from buyers around the world with the security of knowing my money is in safe hands (PayPal). l may need to wait 2-3 weeks but l will receive my items for a fraction of the high street price. If l don’t, l can report to eBay and PayPal and get my full money back.

The main country l buy items from is China or Middle Eastern countries. I like to go straight to the suppliers, the trend setters and masters of high quality fabulous fashion. 

With Chinese suppliers I would suggest being vary of sizes (Asian sizes tend to be smaller) so always read the description. 

Don’t expect designer quality, there are many eBay sellers from China - you really have to trawl to find the best suppliers with great craftsmanship.

TOP TIPS - Don’t be afraid to contact the seller and ask for a deal. Yes, most Chinese suppliers do speak English OR can at least communicate with you with little English - enough for you to understand them after reading there messages two, three times ;)

I have brought some beautiful pieces from eBay however, l would suggest accessories rather than clothes. Chinese sizes may say small but it can vary. 

My top 5 eBay buys are as follow;

ebay fashion must buys
  1. As seen on Dolce & Gabbana runway show and on the celebs the gold plate waist belt. A must for my wardrobe! You can buy different variations.
  2. The fashion collar which l can detach and use on any garments. It jazzes up most of my plain outfits.
  3. The red shoulder bag, a perfect size for going out. Sid loves it! The gold detailing was the cherry on top.
  4. The yellow Zara scarf print dress, me and Sid had to buy this! It was worth the buy - we brought the last 2 :) With a white/cream shrug and trousers this looks great! I normally match it with a tan waist belt and bag. Keep a look out l will be blogging about this dress style. 
  5. Leather jacket, l love the panelling and looks great on my plain black maxi dress and a whit & black beaded necklace!

Most of these buys were under £6.99 - you got to love the Chinese!

Most of these items and jewellery l have brought l have not been able to buy on the high street or in boutiques. Love eBay!

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