People & PartiesMeet Sara K

Meet the Asian Fashion Blogging Ladies

People & PartiesMeet Sara K

Last week l met up with some of the best Asian Fashion bloggers in the UK. All together we must have a million followers, plus, loves and likes! So when you sat on the table you could feel the experience and ‘feel the power!’

You can’t underestimated bloggers these days - they have more followers and readers than most Asian shop customers. They can change a fashion brands image and free publicity for the label. 

I grew up reading some of the blogs and stalking most of the attendees - in a nice way of course. Well, in my case more like perving on their wonderful blogs and hot photos ;)

I’ll be honest I was expecting to feel uncomfortable as l’ve been to events where bloggers can be competitive and not very nice atmosphere. Plus l went to an all girls schools so l’m well aware of what girls can be like. On the other hand, the ladies were honestly wonderful - l could tell why they had come so far. They weren’t ‘look at me l’m beautiful and amazing!’ - they were likeable, honest and not afraid to share their success stories. Even give advice and support each other.

We discussed issues in the Asian fashion industry, what we love and what we are up to, what we do in the day-time, up coming projects and Asian fashion brand chats. 

Most the bloggers were married or getting married and putting me off marriage. I don’t know how they managed to work full-time, blog part-time and look after the family 24/7. It was inspiring! For anyone who wants to send rishtha proposals - Raj, Nigar and myself are not married ;)

It was a great laugh, everyone’s opinions mattered no matter how many followers you had or visits to your blog - everyone respected each other. Even the quieter one’s had a chance to talk and we listened to their views and opinions. You could tell everyone was in their element as the bantered on about one topic or another. We did have a 30 secs winging session too ;)

I decided to ask about the stories l’d been hearing about fashion brands paying bloggers to write good stories about their brand to sell their garments. I wanted to know if it was true and hoping it wasn’t as l think to think bloggers are honest and good people at heart thinking about their readers rather than £££.

It was nice to put a face and personality behind each blog, for example the Secret Wedding Blog and Desi Dossiers were much more energetic  and vibrant than how l imagined them through their blog - it was refreshing as l was hoping l wasn’t going to be the only mad one there :D

I can imagine soon we will be the one’s old and grey organising blogger meets wondering what the new Asian bloggers are banging on about as the digital technology advances.  

Designers and fashion outlets if you want more customers - it takes times patience and support from bloggers who can genuinely support you! If you still do not know what bloggers are - stop being lazy and RESEARCH as you are missing out! As l say - knowledge is power! And this knowledge should push your business to new heights. 

In order of main blog photo (left to right);

Mani (Designer) – Mani Jassal 
Rabbia – Asian Wedding Ideas
Yasmin – Pehrani
Kayennat & Nigar – The Desi Dossier
Sharn – Desi Bride Dreams
Nazma - Asian Fashion Blog
Nina – The Asian Fashion Journal
Raj - Secret Wedding Blog
Me! aka Sarah - Sara K Blog
Mandavi – Red Notebook Stylist
Nazma’a Sister (kindly snapping the photo) - Ashichick

I hope to meet all the bloggers who could not attend on this occasion very soon.

It was wonderful to meet the Asian ladies who could change the face of British Asian fashion as we know it. 

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