Inspiration for Eid, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin's Collection

Most Asian publications, bloggers and designers in Britain focus on bridal or party wear fashion, however l look to focus on more on everyday, casual and evening fashion so instead of looking at outlandish designer wedding wear we can’t wear most days l take a look at a well-known designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin's (HSY) Contemporary Collection 2014 for Eid. 

As most of you know by now from my British Asian fashion trend blogs, flowy Asian dresses are in fashion this season and l have been biding my time to share this next designer’s collection.

For those of you who don’t know Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY), like Sid and my fashion loving friends he is a well-known Pakistani designer who has won various awards in South Asia. I’ve mentioned him in April’s Edition of British Asian Fashion News and you can click on the link to briefly find out more about him.

HSY mainly showcases bridal, occasional and party wear, he’s similar to a high-end western designers and price tags to match. If you buy an HSY garment, you know your buying the peak of Asian fashion innovation and l doubt it will go out of fashion. The HSY collection are like the Shah Ruk Khan of Asian fashion young, fresh and a classics ;)

Not only can you wear the long flowing dresses during Eid but evening out depending on where your going out. I love the fusion of two-tone colours in the clothing very modern and practical unlike most Asian suits l normally see. In addition, with the embroidered elements in the first dress l liked the western and eastern fashion fusion.

If l had to sum the designer up,  he creates the peak of modern fashion movement in the Asian fashion scene specifically Pakistani fashion. HSY takes our traditional fashion techniques to new heights, whilst empowering Pakistani women through fashion. 

As it’s #FashionFriday and Eid isn’t too far It’s perfect inspiration for Eid.

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