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Gold Plate Anklets

TrendsMeet Sara K

Last week, l did a blog on my shoes shopping secrets which got a lot of you clicking on the website. As a result, l decided to share my Friday fashion footwear secrets and look at the exciting gold plate trend.

Some of you may remember in the beginning of February l published blog Our Westfield Shopping Adventure where l featured Zara flats with wonderful gold detailing (above, far right).

I've seen so many people wearing them, from females on the TV, fashion fans to fashion brand ads. For £29.99 they have become a staple for Spring and Summer. Zara sell them in taupe (similar to nude/beige) and black so you have a good choice of colours. 

Gold Plate Anklets

I'm supraised they haven’t sold out like they normally do with most popular products. Zara must of been well prepared this time.

If your anything like me you have many black flats so you don’t see the point in adding to your collection however, you love the gold detailing. Plus you didn’t want to wear shoes everyone else is wearing.

l thought of a great solution for you you fashionistas… Basically, one of the element that makes the shoes are hit is the gold plate anklet. As a result, I searched online to find anyone selling gold and silver plate anklets and I was very lucky l found a supplier in China selling them. Yes, there is such a thing as gold plate anklets and I’m not the only mad one who thought of them. l immediately loved them and had to buy both colours, they took some time to arrive but the supplier was lovely and let me buy 2 pairs rather than wholesale.

I've started wearing them with my simple jump suits, l love wearing them with heels, flats or ankle boots. I just play around, wearing with printed clothes and see what looks good! Just like my gold plate belt; the SECRET is keeping it simple yet elegant and not to look OTT. You can easily over do it but you need to know when these tiny details matter on an outfit or it will look a bit too much and spoils the overall look of the outfit. 

I just love this accessories, one of the reasons is you can put them with any outfit or pair of shoes to spice it up. For instance, when l went to the Asian Bride event Sid wore the Zara flats and I wore my leather wedges with the silver plate anklets. My jumpsuit was slightly shorter than my normal trousers so you were able to see the anklets which was perfect. My black longline blazer made a big difference to making my outfit elegant and less ‘printage’ and allowed the silver anklets to subtly gleem. 

It particularly excited me because it reminded me of Burberry and D&G gold plate belt trend most celebs, models and designers were using in their collections. The gold plate element is a must fashion trend ladies!

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