RunwayMeet Sara K

Fashion Pakistan Week in Karachi SS14

RunwayMeet Sara K
Fashion Pakistan Week 2014

As promised here are some of the highlights from Pakistan Fashion Week. The top Pakistani fashion designers were out in full swing at Karachi fashion week - which is also known as the capital of Pakistani fashion. 

No Pakistan Fashion Week (FPW)  would be complete without bright Spring Summery colours. What l specifically love about Pakistan Fashion Week is the garments are always edgy, exciting and spectacular. From my personal experience Pakistani fashion has to have colour clashes, mash of patterns, ethnic designs and FPW didn’t let me down.   

Fashion Pakistan Week 2014

Maheen Karim’s collection (photo below) consisted of black and gold outfits and wonderful netted crochet effect garments combined with plain floaty fabric to complete the dress. The net was on the sleeves and upper half of the dress and it made it more elegant. I love the long back and short front beige and black net dress. l would never of thought of bringing the two colours together but it clearly makes a great combination. 

Maheen Karim

Jafferjees (below right image) had some wonderful timeless leather bags. One of my favourites was the Jafferjees logo black and white bag. It reminded me of Gucci and LV designers imprinting their logo on the bag but with Jafferjees bags their patterned logo is enlarged. The logo covers most of the square bag and depicts more of patterned fashion rather than a logo.

Sania Maskatiya (below middle image) a perfect designer for trouser and blazer ideas at FPW. Maskatiya creates beautiful traditional printed outfits but my favourite collections are her trouser suits where she integrates delicate printed fabrics with matching western style trousers and two tone tailored blazers.    

Pakistan Fashion Week 2014

Shehla Chatoor Spring 2014 Collection (top right & below photo) included gold and bronze fabrics draped across the body in different ways. They were a cross between sarees and high fashion bridal dresses.

Shehla Chatoor FPW

Nida Azwer (photo below) was one of my favourite designers at FPW because Azwer used traditional Pakistani designed clothes and gave the suits different fresh outlook. Most of the salwaar kameezs, anarkali suits and churidar clothing were in white, gold and silver. she mainly used silver and gold to create the patterned parts of the dresses. I enjoyed seeing the emphasises on the different designs and Anzwer showed audiences the amazing things you can do with three timesless colours.     

Nida Azwer FPW
Deepak Perwani FPW

Deepak Parwani (below) used trend floral and paisley patterns combined with block colours. These garments remind me of Sadiqua’s Dubai holiday photos. The baggy and cropped salwaar style trousers which compliment the top. Parwani’s garments are the essence of Spring and Summer.   

Fahad Hussayn (below) mainly showed off their Spring chiffon maxi dresses and exquisite heavy embroided dresses. It reminded me of a asian Elle Saab outfit. The dress of the left (below) had embroidery on the torso and sleeves as if it was a cropped jacket and added a silk chiffon flowing skirt part of the dress. Model, designer and celeb Nadia Hussain strutted her stuff on the runway with a beautiful beaded and netted dress. Unlike Elle Saab Muslim’s can wear Hussayn’s garments are they aren’t revealing. Plus Asia are the original exports of fabric and you know you’ll be getting the best with innovators of heavy embroided garments. 

Fahad Hussayn FPW

HSY as known as Hussan Sheheeryar Yasin and the Prince of Pakistani fashion was the highlight for most at FPW. His creations never cease to amaze us, for example his Spring 2014 Collection he created some unique sequinned pieces. The intricate detailing, simplistic yet unbelievable quality and combination of colours highlight the best of Pakistani fashion. 

HSY is known for bringing the best elements of western and eastern fashion together and by looking at this collection they weren’t wrong. I can imagine HSY collection in any Pakistani or British fashion house. I love the garment Nadia Hussain is modelling (middle photo) maxi dress combined with a matching long kaftan bat wing style gown.  These gowns are fabulous for occasions, bridal, parties or Eid, l would high recommend HSY for special occasions.

HSY Karachi PFW

Gulabo by Maheen Khan has to be my favourite FPW for casual fashion (below). I needed to find my followers every day fashion and keep you guys inspired. I’m a fan of the Gulabo collection by Khan as the blouses and trousers truly compliment well and are very modern. These are garments you could wear in Britain and fit in perfectly but look very stylish. Love the ‘casart’ (casual/smart) street style.

Gulabo by Maheen Khan FPW

Shamaeel Ansari brought a more middle-eastern and Chinese fusion to the catwalk. For me her designs are outlandish for Britain and have a lot going on. As long as your confident and love the cultural element l’m sure it would look good. However l feel if l wore the pieces of the outfit below separately, for example the trousers could be the statement piece and wear a plain orange top or the jacket with plain trousers l think if would look fabulous.  

Shamaeel Ansari

The SECRETS of the latest Asian fashion trends coming from Pakistan inspired by Pakistani designers are;

  1. Don’t be afraid to wear bright colours.
  2. For Eid or special occasions - gowns with net, beads and sequins embroidery in parts of the dress.
  3. Use black or white long chiffon dress and combine with gold or silver heavy accessories.
  4. Try blazers, patterns trousers and patterned tops. 
  5. Free flowing dresses with stunning colourful patterns such as floral, mono or Paisley. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Pakistan Fashion Week, its great to see the latest fashion trends coming from the east.

Watch out for my next blogs which include FPW designers HSY, Nida Azwer and making my own FPW inspired creations. Plus Lahore and Karachi top fashion designers in Paris high quality video - you don’t want to miss it.  

If there’s anything in particular you guys want me to review, please feel free to let me know l love hearing from you guys.

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