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Faryal Makhdoom Khan's Celeb Style Steal

TrendsMeet Sara K

All the celebrities all around the world are wearing this next trend. Yes l’m sure you’ve guessed it from the pictures, it's the check shirts from Rihanna, Kate Moss, Cheryl Cole, The Kardashians and our very own Faryal Mahkdoom Khan (Amir Khan’s) wife.

Faryal M. Khan always looks stunning, after featuring her in British Asian Fashion News (#bafnews) this week l had a look at her wardrobe and even in casual clothes so l had to pick this style to share.

Most of you may of seen it in menswear section or man wearing the shirts but its a unisex fashion trend and its spread like wild fire. 

I’ve seen British and Asians rocking out the check shirts. I even found the same fabric as the red & black shirt I’m wearing in an local fabric shop in Luton for only £1 a meter. Instead you can try making a long fitted one with buttons going all the way down similar to a long kurtha/kameez. If you want to be different and give it that Asian look - put mini chalk/slits on the sides ;)

You can wear with leggings, jeans or even tuck it in to your work trousers as a Friday casual outfit. I must say most of the shirts are very comfy and it can be worn in various different ways e.g. Kim Kardashian wears it over a black top but with her buttons open.

I was never really a big fan until l came across one my big brother had a check shirt delivered from an online Hong Kong store. He brought the red & black check shirt I’m wearing in the photos but it was too small from him but l loved it so he gave it to me and then l noticed it looked similar to Khloe Kardashian’s shirt. I just teamed it up with a waist belt and black leggings.

I love experimenting with different looks and styles so this one has become a regular edition to my wardrobe when l want to change up my look. Whether your a fan of this casual trend or not its worth a try because l was reluctant at first but now l love it for lounging or wearing with my flat boots when l’m going out. The fabric’s comfortable and perfect for most weathers.

I know its not for everyone, l can’t imagine my mum wearing it or even me wearing this if l was 55. It may even be more for the 16’s to 30’s. However, you never know so why not change up your style and try a different look yourself, you never know you may supraise yourself :)

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