RunwayMeet Sara K

Menswear: Lakme Fashion Week

RunwayMeet Sara K
Menswear: Lakme Fashion Week

Amalraj Sengupta 

Get the gas masks out gents ;) Amalraj Sengupta showcased his dangerously stylish collection with hints of leather. China & Japan eat your heart out!

Dhruv Kapoor 

Dhruv Kapoor flexed a more relaxed look with metal plated tags. Not that really does take labeling to the next level :D I can see the American celebs will soon be getting their names engraved. Just makes you wonder if they regularly forget their own names. 


A show as classy as Bugatti had to have none other than Arjun Ramplas. It was longline suits, minimalistic slickness and slick suits at Bugatti's runway.

Kanika Goyal

Kanika Goyal’s ability to add class to casual outfits showcased an inspiring collection.

Nitin Chawla

Theorem by Nitin Chawla added a unique chic to all things sportswear and simple.

Piyush Dedhia

The art of camouflage comes with chic style and urban cuts for menswear from Piyush Dedhia.

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