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SARA K Boutique
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About SARA K Boutique

SARA K Boutique (aka Sara K Blog), originates from one of the world's most vibrant and multicultural fashion cities with rich fashion heritage, London. It is home to a culturally diverse online fashion magazine and one of the first and only Marketing Boutiques, specialising in getting fashion businesses from around the world online. 

I celebrate and support emerging international designers and fashion labels by handpicking the very best yet affordable fashion brands from Dubai, Delhi to Lahore and all available to you online.

SARA K caters to women who are looking for unique, chic yet elegant runway inspired fashion that's fairly priced fashion, whilst helping business owners get their collections into mainstream and in the forefront of consumers.

About Me, Sarah Khan

Many know me as a Fashion Editor or Blogger, but, after a decade working for global luxury brands in Fashion, Beauty and Automotive as a Fully-Qualified Online Marketing Practitioner BA (Hons) and Award-Winning Social Media Specialist.

I believe fashion is more than just clothing but it has a conscientious, builds your confidence, empowers you and it enables you to establish your identity.

1-to-1 with SARA K: For Businesses

Today I help females with small fashion businesses make a living from their passion, fashion. As a consequence in 2016, I left my city job and decided to launch a boutique marketing firm, SARA K digital

Today, I provide specialist business consultancy and marketing masterclasses for women starting a clothing business, female-led fashion businesses growing their label and helping talented designers promote themselves with marketing and PR. Furthermore, assisting small fashion owners with making their clothing accessible online, with one-click.

For every business consultancy session or masterclass sold, I fund businesses run by females in Malawi suffering of HIV trying to feed their families.


With your support, we've partnered and reported from London Fashion Week, Pakistan Fashion Week and Saverah Expo. It's been featured on BBC, Hello Magazine and the UK's premium fashion event, Pure London. 

I pride the magazine on strong morals and principles; being honest, sincere and empowering others for the greater good. For instance, I don't believe in being gifted or featuring fake blog reviews in exchange for followers or financial gain. 

SARA K Boutique is about celebrating women with fashion businesses, so if you're a talented designer or brand owner and care about people, please get in touch to be featured.

I hope you join me to inspire, empower and help you discover your unique fashion identity.